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Founded in Cambridge, MA in 2016, Marquis Architecture focuses on serving our clients in the best way possible.  We see design as a balance of priorities to find the best possible solution for a given situation.  Each project is unique, but considerations often include form, function, cost, environmental implications, safety, security, health implications and more.

Marquis Architecture serves both commercial and institutional clients with a focus on higher education, K-12 and healthcare work.  We work across a variety of building types and through all project phases from early master planning through post-occupancy.  In addition to general architectural services, we specialize in historic preservation and sustainable design, offering our clients a variety of base and consulting services.

We’d love to work with you on your next project.




Tracy has been practicing architecture for almost 20 years.  Her expertise shines in the  higher education and healthcare sectors where she is well versed in the intricacies of the institutional process, their sustainability needs and the complexities of working with existing infrastructure. 

Throughout her career, Tracy has focused her efforts on both Historic Preservation, the interest that initially brought her to architecture, and sustainability, a movement that is driving change within the industry. She brings her passion for our past and conviction in a sustainable future to all of her projects.

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